The Bites Company is an up and coming specialty food business that produces a unique round mini biscotti in lemon, almond, and cocoa flavors. In addition they produce gluten free varieties in cocoa and almond. The key to their success is that these delicious biscotti's are made from scratch in small batches using only natural high quality ingredients. On their package they state, "we only use ingredients that YOU would use yourself."

Just as important as to what goes into the biscotti is as what does not go into them. The side of the package states, "No preservatives, no trans fats, no canola or other oil, no MSG, no added salt, no soy lecithin, no GMO, and no high fructose corn syrup." Comp Design felt that The Bites Company needed to upgrade and redesign their packaging to reflect the high quality product on the inside. We went with a clean upscale design, using a visual on the front panel clearly showing the unique round and bite sized nature of the biscotti cookie. We felt this was an important selling point that needed to tie into "The Biscotti Bites" product name.

  All goals were met with the final package design receiving positive comments from store buyers and consumers alike.

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