ODIF, USA is the North American office and representative for ODIF, SA in Lyon, France. ODIF manufacturers a wide variety of aerosol spray adhesives. They provide products for quilting, embroidery, appliqué, dressmaking, needlework, crafts and hobbies to the North American market. Comp Design has worked with ODIF (formerly J.T. Trading) for nearly 20 years developing their unique packaging design look and creating a wide range of co-lateral materials such as: ads, trade show banners, posters, brochures, sell sheets and point of sale.


In developing their packaging design look we sought to achieve a fun and whimsical illustration style along with a vibrant color palette that also shows the application of the product. This concept was completely opposite to the utilitarian design of most products in this category at the time.


However, we thought this approach made perfect sense because these products were for the quilting/craft/hobby pastimes where people were having fun and creating something useful at the same time. The designs were well received by craft enthusiasts and having withstood the test of time, are still in use today.

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