With headquarters in the United States, Nature’s First is a global manufacturer and supplier of high equality food products for the consumer and food service sector. With manufacturing operation’s in

the U.S. and India, Nature’s First provides a variety of natural products such as beverage and juice concentrates, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, coffee creamers, powdered dairy products, and

nutraceutical supplements.

  Comp design was called on to create an active on-the-go look for Nature’s First new line of single

serve bottled vegetable juice original and spicy, and coconut water. The target audience was to be college students and upscale young professionals who are interested in health and follow an active lifestyle. The product was to be sold in college and the tech industry cafeterias, as well as on-the-go

convenience stores.

  Since all the fruit and vegetable ingredients are 100% natural we felt that this was an important sales point that begged to be depicted on the front panel graphics. Using the curl of the wave, all the goodness of the vegetables and coconut are visually transported to the consumer. This family look will be used on future varieties as they are developed.

  These products are currently being sold in India with the second wave of expansion being the United States market.