Laundry Door products were created in an effort to rid homes of toxic chemicals and to protect families. The detergent packets are hypoallergenic, dioxalate free, formaldehyde free and have a biodegradable formula. There are also no artificial colors, phosphates, chlorine or animal testing done, making it safe for the customer and their family.

  Comp Design was asked to create a new look for their packaging that projected a clean, fresh, upscale appearance. We started with a photo of a traditional classic wicker laundry basket filled with fresh, clean linens. This would become the visual focal point on both the dryer sachets and laundry detergent packages. An important selling point for these products are that they have a natural lavender scent that we emphasized by depicting lavender flowers and liberal use of the color purple.  We chose to use a highly readable extended sans-serif type face that projects a modern, stylish, yet non-industrial feel. Important for this product was to highlight and list on the front panel the many points of difference such as Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Phosphate & die free, etc. Lastly, a family look was achieved for these two products that helped create a brand identity for the consumer.