Land O' Lakes is a trusted American brand that has become an icon in our nation's kitchens and restaurants since 1921. Most people are familiar with Land O' Lakes as America's number one brand of butter. However, working in conjunction with International Marketing Systems (IMS), Comp Design has

                                                               created package designs for several other Land O' Lakes

                                                               food products. Some of these are: Land O' Lakes Cocoa

                                                               Classics, Downtown Cafe Iced Cappuccino, International Pasta

                                                               Collection, and Land O' Lakes Mayonnaise Blends. Each

                                                               package design stands on its own, however the branding of

                                                               each package is identified by the iconic Land O' Lakes

                                                               maiden which has been used in various incarnations

                                                               since 1928.

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