Harborside Bakery offers a quick and easy way to make your own great tasting old-fashioned style homemade bread. Comp Design was called on to redesign their packaging to embody a more upscale and contemporary look while still retaining a homey kitchen feel.

  One of the important features of this bread is that it is quick to make and easy to bake. Comp Design worked with the owners to come up with a slogan that would make this clear to the consumer. The result was, "50 seconds to Make/ 50 Minutes to Bake." We put this on a prominent banner underneath the bread photo arrangement on the front panel of each flavor variety.

  Also important was to photograph the finished baked bread in an upscale environment supported with elegant propping that related to the bread flavor. In this way the customer could envision the bread that they made being served to family and guests.

  Bright color identification was used on all sides of the box to differentiate the various flavor varieties at a glance. A family look was created using similar graphic elements across all flavor varieties, helping the customer to easily recognize the Harborside Bakery brand on the shelf.

With Comp Design

5 years - Present