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Comp Design, a graphic design studio, has been a trusted creative design source since its inception in 1981. Our real world experience and innovation has helped many companies bring their products to the North American marketplace. We work hand in hand with business owners product managers, and marketing directors to inspire and transform ideas into reality. Our areas of expertise include retail and price club package design, promotional point of sale, brochures, catalogs, print and Internet ads, website design and more. We are proud to say that we maintain long term relationships with our clients that often can be measured in decades.


Our History


Comp Design was formed in 1981 by Kevin Carbone, Ron Sanetti and Robert Verrilli. Being freelance graphic designers they decided to combine their individual talents and client lists into one joint effort with the resulting synergy forming a very busy and talented organization. Word spread fast with the next few years bringing in new clients and a growing team of creative employees. The early years showed a diverse roster of clientèle ranging from industrial and corporate to the food industry. Later on Comp Design created a unique niche by providing creative and production support for several marketing and promotion companies on a continuing basis.


Comp Design has been fortunate over the years to ride the wave of several “hot” trends in the food industry such as bottled water (Perrier), gourmet chocolate (Lindt of Switzerland), tea (R.C. Bigelow), and the breakthrough of price clubs. Much of our success can be attributed to our loyal creative staff, some of whom have been working with Comp Design for decades. We have established a creative environment that focuses on encouraging curiosity, passion, a willingness to try new approaches and to embrace change. Since the early days, Comp Design has remained committed to creating results, value, and sustainability not only for our clients, but for their customers as well.


Our Philosophy: Partnership. Trust. Loyalty.

Comp Design's philosophy is to give the client personal service while providing real world problem solving experience with creative designers who utilize the latest technology. The longevity of Comp Design can be attributed to our efforts to understand and develop not only relationships, but long term partnerships and a sense of teamwork with our clients. Over the years our clients have ranged from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Yet, both have come to us with the same common need whose fulfillment is often missing in today's equation, that is, solid experience coupled with a sense of partnership, trust and loyalty.

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At Comp Design we believe in setting high standards and defining clear goals that turn ideas into reality. Our longevity can be directly attributed to our Company Values which are as follows:

Customer Commitment

We are committed to our customers and realize that they are fundamental to our success. We strive to anticipate their needs and make great efforts to exceed their expectations.


Our Community

Comp Design recognizes our responsibility to the community in which we operate. Over the years we have participated in student mentoring programs and have held seminars with graphic design college students. Currently we work with Housatonic Community College graphic design department in an advisory capacity and participate in Sacred Heart University's graphic design student intern program.

Our Employees

We recognize our staff as our most important asset. By encouraging our people to fulfill their goals and by providing a creative work environment, we help our employees realize their full potential.

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